American Eagle CRJ-700

Basic Info
“American Eagle is an American Brand for the regional branch of American Airlines, under which ten individual regional airlines offer short - and medium haul feeder flights. Three of these airlines Envoy Air (Formerly American Eagle Airlines), Piedmont Airlines and PSA Airlines, are wholly owned subsidarys of American Airlines Group. American Airlines regional brand accounts for more than 60% of all American Airlines Flights”

Current American Eagle Brand Airlines:
Air Wisconsin
Compass Airlines
Envoy Air
Mesa Airlines
Piedmont Airlines
PSA Airlines
Republic Airlines
Skywest Airlines
Trans State Airlines


I see this livery allot as I live next to an American Airlines hub, It’s a shame this livery is so common but is still not in Infinite Flight, do you like this livery? If so, feel free to hit the “Vote” Option on the top left corner of the original thread!

So what aircraft would it go on?

E Jets and CRJ Family ;), thanks for mentioning it, will add onto the original thread :).

That would make it two requests ;)


Correct! Well I guess I’ll change it so it can come with the upcoming CRJ Family :), thanks for correcting me you two :)!

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Friendly reminder: I found an older request for this same livery and variant. Might want to do what Misha says to do below:

Great request, though. Really hoping to see this livery on the upcoming CRJ family. :)


Omg if this is added it’s gonna be a lot of us domestic flights

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The AAL eagle livery is definitely a must-have for the upcoming CRJ series, Looks nice, also on the -700. :)

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This is a must, hopefully the entire American Eagle CRJ family makes its way in the sim.

Love this livery on the CRJ-700 it’s a must have I think

Looks like this Request has been Granted

Thank you all for voting, the American Eagle CRJ-700 Livery has been confirmed!