American Eagle CRJ-200


Hi all, it appears that the CRJ200 in American Eagle livery requires Infinite Flight Pro. See attached image

Thanks everyone.

CRJ200 Livery issue
CRJ200 Livery issue

Actually this is a mistake as the -200 is included in the free version. I will have staff look into this.


Thank you very much kind sir!


This should be fixed now. Just restart the app :)


It’s still here on my end.


New CRJ rework is wonderful, it couldn’t be better.

The only problem is that the American Eagle livery on the CRJ200 is locked. It says you need a pro subscription.

I’m not sure if this was an oversight or intentional, because it was fine last night.


I believe this was done in the last update. I used to be able to access them but they appear blocked now.

Pity they are blocking liveries on the new free aircraft. But hey, at least you get the aircraft for free I guess.

Hopefully they unlock them for all users. After al the game is payware after all.


Ah, glad to here that!


Have you guys recently checked if it’s still locked? Restart your devices too please.


Got it too


Mine is fine


And you are not signed in or anything?


Okay… now it’s definitely fixed.


Yep! Thanks @schyllberg!


Thank you kind sir! It is fixed on my end. Thanks!