American Eagle CRJ-200 [Old Livery]

Old Request which mods closed :-)
The CRJ-200 American Eagle Old Livery I think would be great to have in Infinite Flight! It would be fun to do Short connection routes around the US in this CRJ200

Information on CRJ
The CRJ Series introduced new technologies, new thinking and new performance standards to regional aviation, and is the world’s most successful regional jet program. Linking people and communities like no other, the CRJ Series has revolutionized aviation with its proven efficiency, reliability and profitability. With a common engine unique in its segment, advanced avionics in the flight deck, lighter weight and advanced aerodynamics, every jet in the CRJ Series is designed to deliver significantly better cost efficiency, excellent airfield performance and en-route fuel consumption.

So do you like what you see? If you do hit that Blue Square and Vote!

Eww, the new one is so much better.


Been wanting this for a while

I agree but to be honest I think that there needs to be more crj 200 in IF

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Honestly if this came this would be the only aircraft/livery I would fly with, saw one of these in real life and I have to say that these liveries are OP. Definitely got my vote until added (hopefully🙏🏼)


Absolutely want this CRJ2

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Bumping this as I love this livery to death!

Nooooooooooo I love the new one the old is🤢🤮

I would like to bump this livery because this plane is nice in the old livery and we are yet to have this old livery on the other planes.

this livery is quite beautiful ngl

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Ive seen the livery IRL it gives a retro vibe and screams 90s.

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that’s exactly why i love it

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Looks slightly better on the ERJs but not bad on the CRJ2 either.

I think this is in need of a bump. We don’t have any old American Eagle liveries, and I think that this would be the perfect place to start!

Given the new rules listed below, I am about 99% sure that this will not be added. I could be wrong though.

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Would sure love this livery to be added!

Let’s keep this open