American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-900

The crj-900 is very common at my hometown airport of KCLT just thought I’d suggest a plane with this livery since it’s a common sighting at my airport

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It’s absolutely fine to do so. The problem was a member made a mistake (which is totally okay) by thinking you knew everything about the rules of the forum, he didn’t see you were new. And yes a majority of the flights into KCLT are CRJ’s :)


You ever been

Please vote we need more variety in the crj’s

Yes many times in A320’s

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I flew an a320 from CLT to ATL

LGA-CLT-TYS was my flight, because it’s so empty it was a very fast trip

i didn’t know that a320s flew to Knoxville from Charlotte

It was more of a once in a lifetime flight (Litterally) lol

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It’s fine this was settled about a week ago

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To many persons no rule following I so frustrating I want to tear off my skin

Calm down, the topic is a month old…

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