American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-900

add the crj-900 in American Eagle livery


You in the incorrect section do i need to input a flashing light for you in the feature secton

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How you can tell very fast

Hey Aaron Welcome to the forums.
These two requests are a great idea but you are only aloud to request one item per topic. Also when requesting if there is another topic about this you should discuss there. Here is the link to your the CRJ-700 if you want to talk about it there.

Feel free to make a seperate post about the American Eagle CRJ-900 because it hasn’t been requested yet.
If you want more info on request features look here #features
Thanks and welcome to our great community.

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If you click on there profile it says when they joined. He joined 30mins ago.

Oh. What was your old profile name?

Ok. Well welcome back. Be sure that you go over the community guidlines!

Thank you sorry for the misshap

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It’s okay. Most people forget or don’t know.

Only one feature request at a time. Welcome to the community.

imagewhat a beautiful reg that is


Be nice man.

Hello @Aaron_Ragan and welcome to the forum! This is a nice livery indeed, for next time, specify exactly the plane and livery and make sure there is no other topic similar or equal to yours. :)

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  • Yes!
  • Maybe!
  • Flat out NO!

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You need to calm down. He is new to the forum and doesn’t know the rules, we were all new here at one point in time.


If you have a problem with another member send them a PM and talk about it. Posting it here makes it offtopic

BTW nice livery

I did not scolding him what to speaking

Here is a tip for you popping: next time when you see a new user posting something, check first when he/she joined, if the user joined for example: 2 minutes ago or 6h ago, just give him a warm welcome and explain him/her the guidelines, or show him/her the guidelines instead. If the user has more than a month, just remind him/her the rules, tell him/her for the next time post something that it’s not duplicated. If it’s duplicated the topic don’t worry, a moderator will close it and/or unlist it. If there is something bad like a swearing, insult, a discrimination, unrelevant or unnecesary feel free to flag it. And please try to type the words with good and calmed way :) I’m not scolding or criticizing you, I’m just advising you as a good friend