American, Delta, & United Add New Domestic Widebody Flights

If there’s anything good coming out of the coronavirus, it’s the ability to have more opportunities to fly on widebody aircraft for shorter routes.

American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines will be allocating some spare widebody aircraft on domestic routes, which will also make a great planespotting experience for some airports that normally do not receive widebody aircraft from one of these airlines.

American Airlines:


Recently, American Airlines updated its network to include these widebody flights:

  • New York (JFK) to Los Angeles (LAX): Daily Boeing 777-200ER from April 7 through April 24
  • San Francisco (SFO) to Chicago O’Hare (ORD): Daily 787-8 from March 28 to April 24
  • Los Angeles (LAX) to Chicago O’Hare (ORD): Daily 787-9 between March 29 and June 3
  • Chicago O’Hare to Las Vegas (LAS) : Daily 787-8 from March 5 to March 27
  • Chicago to San Francisco: Daily 787-8 from March 28 to April 24
  • Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) to Las Vegas: Up to twice daily on a mix of 777-200s and 787-8s from March 5 to May 6

Delta Air Lines:


Delta’s additional widebody flights:

  • Atlanta (ATL) to Las Vegas : Up to four-times daily on a mix of A330-200s, A330-300s, 767-300ERs and 767-400ERs from March 9 to April 30
  • Atlanta to Phoenix (PHX): Up to three-times daily on a mix of A330-300s, 767-300ERs and 767-400ERs from March 11 to April 9
  • Atlanta to San Diego: Twice daily on a mix of A330-300s and 767-300ERs from March 12 to April 30
  • Detroit (DTW) to Las Vegas: Daily on a 767-300ER from March 9 to April 30
  • Detroit to Phoenix: Daily on a 767-300ER from March 12 to March 31
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul (MSP) to Las Vegas: Up to twice daily on a mix of A330-300s or 767-300ERs from March 9 to April 15

United Airlines:


All operated with the Boeing 777-200:

  • Chicago to Las Vegas: Up to daily from March 5 to April 30
  • Newark Liberty (EWR) to Las Vegas: Up to daily from March 5 to April 30
  • Newark to Tampa: Daily from March 29 to April 24
  • Washington Dulles (IAD) to Las Vegas: Daily from March 29 to April 24

They key takeway from this is Las Vegas will receive a ton of widebody capacity. Additionally, it’s nice to see Phoenix receive a good amount of widebodies from Delta and Tampa receiving a United 777.


AA 789:
DL A359:
UA 772:

Anyone scheduled to fly on these routes or now planning to take these flights?


There is no benefits whatsoever of a killer virus.

Apart from that, unusual to see WB Aircraft doing short-hauls like this…


Ayy, lets go, more Las Vegas routes

There’s always positives and negatives coming from any event. Obviously the virus’ demise on the population and economy will be impactful, but on the bright side, some people’s schools have been closed or delayed (depends on how you view that).

In a way, looking at it from an airline’s perspective, the cancellations to China may have saved them quite a lot of money considering an airline like American Airlines has been losing money on TPAC flights. Not sure if this was still going on with its DFW/LAX-PEK/PVG flights, but ORD-Asia was terrible for them.

This also allows airlines, in this case American/United, to cover for the lost capacity from the 737 MAX groundings. Additionally, this will allow the airlines to prepare the aircraft for the intense summer flying.

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Okay who else thought that Delta Airlines would have done ATL to DTW with there A350’s

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Honestly was hoping for something like that, or at least a domestic A330-900neo flight.

I believe the A350’s got moved to Detroit to Europe.

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I was really hoping Delta did some domestic widebody flights out of Seattle.

I don’t know if I’m reading this right but - AA already operates two 787-8’s out of DFW daily to LAS

I might be able to get on the UA 777 flight from Ewr-Tpa flight

Last week I went to St Barths, connecting through San Juan, PR. I took United on EWR-SJU, then Tradewind on SJU-SBH (and return). On both United legs, our 767-400 was swapped to the 777-200. Since I was flying in business class, I was “upgraded” to the new Polaris seat. This was such an amazing surprise! Although the Coronavirus is really scary, it’s an opportunity to try out long-haul business class products on short-haul flights.

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The widebodies all have IFEs right? Except for maybe the 772s.

I’m pretty sure they aren’t at the moment unless they were one-off upgauges. The 788 was used on DFW-LAS late last year.

Nice, liking all the increased Phoenix WB flights. Might take one but dunno for now.
Sad United didn’t decide to send a 777-300ER or a 78X here to DEN or at least add a widebody somewhere.

Nice easy read! Will be cool to spot some aircraft from SFO’s new sky deck!

Was hoping for an Delta A330neo…

LAX-ORD in the American 787-9 Is Intriguing. That may be something I consider flying on.

Yeah right now is the low season only A321 and 738s (8-9 flights a day I think) are flying from DFW-LAS

They are - a while back me @Altaria55 and my dad were thinking of flying a widebody domestic route and Vegas was one of the options

Yea, but the 787s aren’t being operated on DFW-LAS right now. They were operating for a short period late last year and will resume this spring.

Huh. On god they were using it last week, because Friday i was up at 5 am and i remember looking at the arrivals list for DFW and there was one

Also saw it depart when we were spotting Lufthansa’s Star Alliance A343 in January.

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