American chrome livery without winglets!

Anyone like the idea of having the chrome livery without the winglets like it was in the 90’s? We got the new livery but didnt have the winglet son until around 2006! By not putting the winglets in it would allow people to fly the routes in the 90s realistically, while also Letting you fly up until they were repainted as not all of the 757s had them put in until the merger. Also then it would be more distinguished from the current aa livery and add some differentiation between winglets and non-winglet fans! No malicious intent towards the devs yall did absolutely amazing revitalizing this plane just thought id toss this out here while the plane is fresh and the cycle is hot :))

Edit: This is just an idea, a lot of people are posting about re-adding us airways and other liveries so I just wanted to put this thought out there. We’re blessed to have this livery in the first place its just an interesting thought that if there’s enough traction can be brought up to devs. That’s all!! image|820x546

I say we just take what we get and enjoy this new reworked aircraft, and not keep asking for more.


i just put it out there to see if anybody else likes it w/o winglets! thats all

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If it’s okay to ask for 3D buildings what’s wrong with just asking removal of winglets? That’s kinda what the category is for, you know, proposing stuff, be it small or grand


especially while the dev cycle is going on. they’re updating a ton of stuff rn so i just wanted to put it out there!

ok! can i change the title?

wait that was dumb haha nvm i fixed it

Might want to remove the question mark though

Nice idea!

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ok! just did :))

In my opinion, I don’t think it’s necessary without winglets.

Again, the developers use money for each livery and having an additional American Airlines livery just without winglets isn’t needed.

Also, personally, I like the winglets more :)


to each their own but i’m just tossing this out there while they’re still updating stuff. they changed a bunch of engines on other planes and removed winglets.

Yes, those were issues with the aircraft, this is a feature request for a whole new livery.

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For now I would say just be glad we got it back tbh


I would say that we should be grateful we even had the opportunity to get another livery altogether, this minor adjustment won’t make a life changing impact imo.


it wouldnt be. when they took the winglets off the china southern plane, that was by request and the livery itself wasn’t altered if im correct . either way this is just a concept.


What i’m saying is that that was a valid request because the China Southern didn’t have winglets IRL and was more of a inaccuracy. This is just a request for either the current winglets to be removed or an entire new livery without the winglets.


I think we just need the option to be able to choose if we want winglets or not as the long as the livery has different types of winglets irl. This would go not just for the 757 but for all aircraft with different kinds of winglets like the A320 and the 737.

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Like the idea? The American 757 without the winglets is my favorite aircraft of all time. I’d kill to have this in IF.

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