American Champion Super Decathlon Return

Unfortunately I know this will get some hate considering the the Super D was just removed from IF but here me out.
I believe that the Super D should come back to IF as there aren’t many aerobatic aircraft in IF. The Spitfire’s ability to do maneuvers is pretty poor, for example I’d do a barrel roll at 200kts IAS and stall to an impending crash. The Super D however, while it still existed in IF, was good at doing these. I would personally even be fine if the re-added the Super D in the same condition as when the removed it. I dont know much about coding but considering the old Super D’s simplicity and the fact that it was already in game it shouldn’t be too hard to re-add.

Hi there, You can vote for it here: Super Decathlon Refresh/re add


Oops. My bad. I thought it was just a refresh since it was from 2018.

It was first created as a rework thread but has changed to reflect the fact that it was removed.

I addition to the other feature rework request, please bare this comment in mind from jason regarding the removal of the decathlon and its replacement with the xcub: