American and Spirit Beef Up Their P2P Flying | New Routes

Happy Thursday! Almost at the weekend, hang on. Today, American Airlines and Spirit Airlines (in no partnership, they just happened to announce new routes at the same time) have introduced a significant amount of new routes. Read on to find out what they are!

American Airlines Beefs Up Austin

_photo: American Airlines takes on Delta with 2 new Austin routes - The Points Guy

American Airlines has announced 10 new seasonal and year-round new routes from Austin, TX (KAUS). This is significant because American does not have an established focus city or hub at Austin. They currently fly from Austin to Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York JFK, Philadelphia, and Phoenix.

Beginning May 6, American will begin flying from Austin to Las Vegas, Nashville, New Orleans, and Orlando.

Beginning June-August, they will also start flying to Raleigh, Tampa, and Washington-Dulles.

The above flights will be year-round, ranging from 1x to 2x daily.

In June, American will begin nonstop, summer Saturday-only regional service to Aspen, Destin-Fort Walton Beach, and Los Cabos Mexico.

These are certainly some really interesting adds! As Austin is one of America’s fastest growing cities, with people and businesses flocking there in droves, these flights will please business and leisure travelers.
I’m wondering how/if Delta will retaliate, as Delta has been saying how they want to strengthen Austin into a focus city for them. I’m assuming Delta is not too happy with these adds.

Source: Newsroom - Nonstop Growth in Austin Leads to More Nonstops to Austin - American Airlines Group, Inc.

Spirit Adds St. Louis and Pensacola


Spirit Airlines announced today that they will begin flying to St. Louis, MO (KSTL) and Pensacola, FL (KPNS).
Spirit will begin service at St. Louis on May 27th with flights to Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, and Pensacola. All of those flights will operate daily.

Spirit will begin service in Pensacola on June 10th with flights to Austin, Columbus, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Louisville, and St. Louis. Those flights will operate 3-4x weekly, with the exception of Dallas and St. Louis which will be daily. No word on whether or not these flights will be seasonal or year-round, so I’m assuming year-round.

Source: Spirit Airlines adds 2 new cities in 12-route expansion - The Points Guy

These additions, and the many other additions by American carriers show that many people are getting vaccinated and/or are ready to fly again, and filling up the flights to go on those long-awaited vacations and trips.


Yay! Very cool to see AA open up some new routes from my home airport. Nice topic.


Finally, we’re getting a new airline!

Are we just not gonna mention that Spirit is starting LGA-LAX in June

That wasn’t part of today’s big announcement but yes they announced that the other day, in addition to LGA-BNA and LGA-SJU. Good luck to people’s backs on that flight! 😳

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Agreed, American made the first move and Delta has none other to blame than themselves.

Don’t know how that got flagged but it should be restored, I guess when you said sc-ing

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You’re probably right, lemme try that again lol

Delta - “Austin is our focus city”:


American - “We won’t call Austin a focus city yet”:


At this point, American’s messing with Delta considering Delta just dropped three focus cities last week but kept Austin and Raleigh/Durham as “focus cities”. Throughout the pandemic, Delta really hasn’t added many new routes while American and JetBlue are significantly growing in New York/Boston and now American is expanding in Austin.

Hopefully, as things seem to be recovering, Delta finally does some sort of response and actually makes Austin worthy of the “focus city” title.


IMO, AUS-ASE is the most interesting, especially considering its running in the summer. Does Aspen have a nature/wilderness scene besides ski?


Yea, Aspen came out of nowhere. I would’ve expected Eagle/Vail first unless that’s too winter-oriented. I guess since Aspen has mountains they should have parks to hike in and some rivers to boat in.


Living in the area, I would say that I am also surprised that AA is choosing to add this route. There is a few things to do in the summer however, it is really more of an offseason compared to the winter. But since Aspen is the rich Texans year-round playground, guess it makes sense.

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