American Airlines Virtual

Hello AAVIF Pilots and community,

American Virtual is always looking for new pilots and all are welcome join American Virtual. Also, I would like to remind all of our pilots that we now have a discord and we encourage all pilots to join.

American Virtual is looking for staff, we need:
2 Support Agents

Please PM @N1RG for more informaton about the support agent position


So, the event manager position has been filled and we are planning an event for next weekend and wanted to know when we should host it. We will take the results of these polls into consideration, but may not host the event at the most popular time. Thanks for participating in the polls.

What day would you like it?

  • Saturday
  • Sunday

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When would you like it? (All times in EST)

  • Earlier
  • 1:00
  • 2:00
  • 3:00
  • 4:00
  • 5:00
  • 6:00
  • Later

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Thanks for reading,

Boeing 777


Hello :) Please post information like this in your original thread for your VA. Thanks!


Best of luck from British Airways VA , your competition from across the pond ! :)


Just got the mods to close the old thread.


Good luck from United Virtual!


Oh ok 👌🏽 Anyways, good luck from RTW Airways!

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@Kyle.Plane @Joshua_Fleming @Blizzard Thanks guys, but this is announcement is just an update on what is going on with American Virtual. Lol

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Haha, I’m aware of that.

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I saw some people posting on one of our old threads. Just wanted to let everyone know this is our main thread now.

Please vote in the polls in the original post. Thanks.

Is this VA still up?

I’m talking to them about joining frontiers va event so I believe yes they are

Why would you think it isn’t?

The poll times should be converted to Zulu for other people. And also no one even in that time zone will be able to do an event at 1:00 that’s ridiculous.

I have seen events at noon before that have been very successful

The invitation to the discord group doest work. Could you post a new one, so i can join.

My bad. Read it as 1:00 in the morning. Sorry used to 24 hour clock.

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