American Airlines Virtual IF CrewTest Feature Coming Soon!

**American Airlines Virtual for Infinite Flight is now available for your comments, questions, suggestions, and anything else you would like to say. **

If you are interested in joining American IF, please head over to

This incredibly unique community is one of Infinite Flight’s leading Virtual Airline, and we are proud to help serve our pilots. Several American branches have started out as early as December of 2014. Since then, we have grown exponentially, and hope to keep moving forward. Putting the pilots first has been the main goal for American ever since we were was founded. The whole reason behind an airline is to have a small growing community for people with the same interest in airline brand. It is an opportunity for a group of people do to things together and get along like no other group out there. American offers a chance to not only meet new people, but make new friends. You can even meet a new First Officer! The idea is that American is an ever growing community of aviation enthusiasts who love to fly.
Founded in early 2014, by Connor Greenwall, American wasn’t officially an IFFG airline until April of 2015. Since then administration has shrunk, grown, and even sat dormant. But after many changes have gone into effect, and new administration members have helped made American what it is today.
American Virtual Airlines is proud to have you a pilot. With growing destinations and many different kinds of aircraft, flying our planes should be not only enjoyable, but an experience that is memorable for a lifetime. This may be just a game on iOS or Android, but the idea behind it is so much deeper. We thank you for reading this and as always…Welcome to a New American!

American Virtual Airlines Infinite Flight is in no way affiliated with the real world American Airlines. All trademarks and logos belong to their respective owners. For the real world American Airlines please click here.


The calendar isn’t working correctly.

Just joined!

Can you explain in detail as to how the calendar isn’t working?

Just sayin, this is a forum, not a VA ;-P

It shows me Saturday the 23th :/

That is the description on our website, it is referring to the AAV community, not this forum :)

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Try clicking on that orange square, you will see that it does not symbolize today’s date.

Quite neat airline.

Wow, you have a serious operation running. I’m impressed :-)

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Do you have to have infinite flight live to register?

No, absolutely not. All you need is Infinite Flight the sim.

Thanks I’ll think about registereing

is this still around? @americanairlinesif

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Yes absolutely

Check out American Airlines today and become a pilots of one of the best Virtual Airlines in Infinite Flight!


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Just joined!

How do i connect it to my infinite flight?

Really nice set up. Good job :)

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Our VA, like all others in IF, is set up on the honors system. This means after you finish a flight, you log your flight and submit it honestly.
We are forced to use this system as that it is the only way to organize flights from IF. IF doesn’t work on an ACARS system as of yet, so that is why we use this method.