American Airlines Virtual Group Now Recruiting Staff and Pilots

To join apply at

American Airlines Virtual Group is here to represent American Airlines in IF, for a further look about us please see the about us page on our website. Once, you apply your application will be reviewed and if you are accepted you will be invited to our slack. We are up to 20 pilots in 2 days!

We are looking for partnerships and codeshares

Update: New long haul routes added short, medium, and regional on the way

We are looking for the following staff positions
COO(Event Organizer)
Route Manager

We also accept solo only pilots!

Please PM me about the staff position


this is a virtual airline relates thread stop changing the topic please

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Please be more descriptive in your main post. What do you have to offer? Why should people join American Virtual? Also, please spend more time planning such as working on routes, getting pictures for your website etc. Just some constructive criticism. :)


I could work on the website. I did the IFPM one.

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I’ve joined!

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Good luck from us!


Anyways, good luck from Southwest Virtual! :)

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Good luck from Redwings!

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I am happy to inform all of you that pictures are up on the website (Thanks to IFPM) and we are up to a total of 6 pilots in just a couple of hours, we are looking for active staff members who know what they are doing and for more pilots. The website is still under construction and will be finished soon and new routes are being developed. We are also looking for partnerships and codeshares.Thanks for the support guys

Better now?

Nice! The pictures make it look great! It certainly does take the website to a whole new level! Good luck with your VA! :)


Thanks good luck with yours

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Thanks all!

Thanks! I really appreciate your support! Also, I edited the title to make it look slightly better. ;)


American Airlines VG welcomes our first staff member @Qantas_Pilot. Welcome to the team!

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I’d like to be route planner

Please PM me thanks

American Airlines Virtual Group would like to welcome and introduce are partners. We have struck a deal with Venture Group’s Great Mountian Air In which they will add 10 pilots to our ranks and fly American Eagle operated by Great Mountian Air. We are now at a total of 19 pilots. A great thanks to their CEO @Plane6

I’d also like to thank my staff and all my pilots for the overwhelming support over the last 2 days.

And just to let you know more routes will be posted soon (Probably Tomorrow).


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What’d you apply for?

There’s a new topic.