American Airlines VA Down

Hello all,

As many of you may know, American Airlines IFVA is down. It seems the domain might have been too much money to keep up on godaddy. Its a shame because as you all know I fly that B772ER One World Livery a lot. If anyone creates another American Airlines VA, please let me know. Unfortunately, I do not have the time to create nor run it or I would do it without hesitation.

FYI: I am not the CEO nor have I ever been the CEO of American Airlines VA. I was just very active.


Bloody go daddy 😡


Renewing the domain does not cost much. There may be other reasons involved.

Wow, this is a huge blow for the IFVA community. I remember when I was flying for them, back when I was still flying on solo☺️


I would be willing to make a new website if you want. Does this mean that the while VA is down, meaning I could be the CEO or own it?

Best not.

Even other major VAs have had moments we’re the website is down for some time.

Yeah, but who is going to pay almost $8 a month! That person, I bet, is pretty aggravated!

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Contact me, consider a merger with DVA. We would be the largest IFVA and your staff could aid me in operations, as I am alone dealing with applications, PRIEPS etc.

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I was in that VA and it was pretty good. PIREPS pilot grading sistem, very realistic…

Regardless, they can still operate when the come back online, which they will. This is meaningless and really strange because you can’t really make that call anyway. Here is a post they put on their FB page not long ago ago:


where on their FB page do you see that? The last post they have on it is from early April and their VA went down in May.

That’s sad. Wasn’t AA Virtual pretty big? I was questioning joining them a while back and decided to make a VA (BAD IDEA!)! I shut it down cause my VA was pretty terrible. Then I joined [TravelSky] ( as a pilot, then staff.

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Sorry Alan, my mistake. It came of the official IFFG VA page.

RIP American VA

Just be patient

At this point in time American Airlines Virtual IF are working to get their website back up. The renewal process may be taking longer than expected, so hang in there members of American Airlines Virtual they’ll be back soon.

Proud partner of American Airlines Virtual IF

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Yesssss that’s great to hear

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Hello concerned IFFG Community members,

We are working very hard to get our website back to its former glory. We appreciate your loyalty and patience. Our issue was a hosting provider that was shut down and took all of our data with us. We are searching for backups of the website and trying to get it up as soon as possible.

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