American airlines VA close down?

Did AA VA close down or change websites again?

It closed down.



roger that, thanks for the heads up

No problem sir! Anytime

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How long have they been down? never knew of this

We shut down during the summer. It was posted on the AAL thread.


Oh, Looks like I need to catch up on some things ;)

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There’s a new one in the works according to DeerCrusher. :)


i was wondering why i couldn’t log in i thought they had just kicked me out. Good to know a new ones coming.

@DeerCrusher @JoshFly8 - Can you guys make a spreadsheet for Airlines that dont want VA’s (United, Jetblue, Flybe, etc)?

It would help people with this.

There are very few airlines on that blacklist, so I think your suggestion is a bit of an overkill. Also, if someone unknowingly were to message an IFVARB member wanting to claim an airline that was blacklisted, the IFVARB member could easily tell them that it is blacklisted.

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There is a new American Airlines VA coming. I will be somebody running it.

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