American Airlines US Airways Heritage A321-200 (N578UW)

Good afternoon everyone! Today, I am filing a Features Request for the US Airways Heritage Livery currently painted on N578UW. This plane is an American Airlines A321-200, which was procured by the airline when it merged with US Airways. As a tribute to the merger, American Airlines decided to select one plane from the US Airways fleet and paint a Tribute Livery in honor of the merger. From a little bit of research that I did, this aircraft was never actually “repainted” persay. Rather, the American Airlines logo was merely added to the front of the aircraft.

I got this photo off of JetPhotos

According to, this plane mainly flies out of Charlotte, with 12 departures per week, and destinations all over the world. Lately, this plane has been flying between Charlotte and Cancun. Hopefully we can be flying this beautiful livery soon!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you vote!

Beautiful mix ! 🥰

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Thanks! Feel free to vote to show your support!

HAHAHAHA , they won’t add this sadly.

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You can vote for this one instead.

Different livery, actually! So that is the standard US Airways livery, which is no longer flown on any American Airlines planes.

The livery which this feature request is for is the US Airways Heritage livery painted on tail number N578UW, which is still active.

Such a cool livery. Love it

So, I’m gonna go ahead and take a guess that this feature request is a bit of a dud?

I have my old picture taken to date: Friday, February 8, 2019. 11:24 am. at SeaTac Airport (KSEA/SEA). The snow in Seattle. My old smartphone is iPhone XR (Apple).

American Airlines US Airways Airbus A321-200 livery scheme heritage.


I’m seeing that alot of old US Airways liveries are being bumped, so I thought I would bump my own US Airways request! Maybe this one will get some renewed interest!

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