American Airlines Updating Its Livery

JonNYC on Twitter, who is known for scoping out AA rumors before they’re released (Casablanca, Krakow, Tel Aviv, etc.) states American Airlines will be updating/revising its livery.

AA’s apparently calling this the “New Livery Program”.

The first 737 will be coming out tomorrow afternoon, which seems to be N988NN, which will fly from Peru, Indiana (GUS) to Miami:

The revised livery isn’t too major, it apparently includes some “metallic fleck” or “winglet” redesign and other updates.

Also, AA is possibly moving the “American” logo a few feet back as pictured with N840AN (top picture)

Looking at pictures online, there seems to be a select amount of 787s with the logo right next to door 1.

I’ll update information whenever it’s released throughout the day.


Very interesting. I know it’s not a whole new thing, but I wonder what it will look like when it’s out.

Phew. When i saw revising its livery, i was scared cause i like the current livery…


I will quit if it is Eurowhite. I will be angry.

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In my opinion no need to change, it actually looks really good!


It shouldn’t be a huge change like its aluminum to the current livery in 2013. It should be a few minor changes. Sorry if there was some confusion.

Oh. I quit, that was saddening. American you disappoint me.


Thank God!

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There really isn’t a need to change. Plus, I see the change, but it really is almost unnoticeable.

Could “winglet redesign” possibly mean split scimitars🤔

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I guess it could, its always been a bit of they haven’t had them, though I also wouldn’t hold my breath…

It seems like it would make since for them to refurb the NGs about now. They could also just be putting the tail logo on the winglet, which I’m just as fine with tbh.

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Ya, true, some of there NGs are starting to show there age, and a Stars and Stripes could look good on the winglet, I wouldn’t mind at all, I always thought they should put the Stars and Stripes on the tail, it would look sick, but that’s something for another day I suppose… 😢

Because there’s so many of them, the 738s look really bland and could really reap the benefits of being spruced up.

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Ya, the more I think think about it the more I want the logo on the tail, it would look so sick, please American. If not don’t change too much, because it looks good, but I think especially the 737s could do with a little logo or something on the winglet’s

I mean tell me this wouldn’t look so sick…


I’m personally hoping they add some sort of modification to the bland winglets. Even that simple would add a bit of life to the aircraft.


Finally, not the same old planes coming to DCA.

Edit: hopefully the “revised” livery is at JFK when I fly there soon 👀
Will it be out by then @Ishrion?


I would rather have nothing than a website honestly, but the logo, or actually putting the flag similarly to how it is done on the tail would look quite good to me…

Supposedly roll out tonight…

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