American Airlines To Transfer To All Airbus Fleet

American airlines spokeswoman said that the communications and prices at Airbus were far superior to the ones at Boeing they are thinking of buying 30x Airbus A220 and selling their whole entire 737 fleet, they believe that they will keep American Eagle diverse with a mix of several aircraft companies. This whole thing is very sad but I hope it is beneficial for the AA fleet. AA also said that they will be quickly retiring their 757 and 767 fleet and 777 in coming years. Although they will keep the Boeing 787 Dreamliner becomes of it’s incredible capability and low fuel consumption, thanks for reading!

April Fools :)



ThEn WhY IS thE piCtuRe a 787?


Have you heard they are also purchasing 35 C208’s for to replace the aging A320?

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So they won’t be an all Airbus Airline 🤔

And at a hub like PHL, they are switching to using 787s long haul, they’re not just going to retire brand new dreamliners

For all those guys who think it‘s real 😂😂


Selling all Boeing aircraft? I’m not sure if American do this.