American Airlines to partner with Air Wisconsin to bring back the CRJ200

Today in the early hours American Airlines have announced that they will be partnering with Air Wisconsin they will be getting back the CRJ200 by March 2023. American Airlines said that they would order 60 of the CRJ200


Looks like the
gets to live another day!


Looks like American is investing in a bad product for its customers. Not surprising after project “Oasis.” Meanwhile United is offering a far superior product on the CRJ550. Looks like thee is one more reason to avoid AA…


I mean, at the end of the day, the main goal is to make money. That is just how businesses work. In businesses, Money is the number one priority, not what customers think. We will just have to see how things turn out

I mean I would choose a CRJ550 every day over CRJ200… while the general public might not be able to make the distinction, the frequent flyers and avgeeks definitely will. Full service airlines make the most money from frequent business travelers, and they prioritize comfort over cost. I am especially surprised they are putting the CRJ200 in Chicago where they have UA as competition. Dallas would be a better choice as they basically have a monopoly over the airport.

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The thing is, It’s Air Wisconsin that will be operating, and they mainly fly into Chicago. Air Wisconsin only operated with United Express, with only CRJ 200s, so it makes sense for them to order the same plane instead of something different.

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Yes it dose

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