American Airlines Tail Color

This feature is to have the devs make the AA A320 and A321 tails more red.

I am not looking to get 1,000 votes but I would just like to get the attention of the devs.
Many of you reading this probably think what kind of request is this? Well if you keep reading then you’ll see how big the difference is. I have noticed during an event that some American Airline tails in IF have an orange-ish color when it should be a deep red. The crj 900 has the deep red color as well as the 777 and the 757, but the a320 and a321 don’t.

I encourage you all to go into solo and see for yourself as these photos will not show you how bad it is

Crj Tail

A321/320 Tail

Real AA Tail

As you can see there are slight differences from the Airbus Tail and Boeing.
And so my point is
Shouldn’t we have all AA tails in IF the same?

It seems like it could the brightness of the sun! Change the time of day and it changes!

I think Infinite Flight’s rendering system makes the color appear a bit more mellow.


Yes but I would like the devs to make it like all the rest of the AA planes in Infinite Flight, and besides I don’t fly in the nighttime because I can’t taxi. But the a321 is still a great aircraft

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It’s always looked orange to me. I do ageee it has to change a little bit.




Ummmm they look exactly the same…

It seems not as orangy but I think it is okay.

I don’t even notice a difference


Unless FDS has bought “rights” with AA and many other airlines to match their colors and words exactly, I have two words for you - copyright infringement. It could spark a large legal mess about copyrights etc.


At first I thought you mean’t you wanted to change the location of the horizontal stabilizer which severely confused me. It also would help if I read the most thoroughly…my mistake I understand what you mean now. I agree it does look slightly duller. Like @JeromeJ said it may just be the sunlight! :)


Ya I understand. If I were you I would probably so confused too. @Alpha1Aviator. I also think that the copyright issue should be explained further since if so the 737 would be an almost exact copy of the livery. If the 737 could have that than the a320/321 should to since as you said IF dosent have “rights” to copy the exact livery of American Airlines

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Yes this has bothered me quite a bit