American Airlines Shifts Its LAX-NRT & One DFW-NRT Flight To Tokyo Haneda; Ends Chicago to Narita

American Airlines has announced its new Tokyo Haneda flights.

Earlier this year, American applied for four Tokyo Haneda slots:

  • 1x Dallas/Fort Worth
  • 1x Los Angeles
  • 1x Dallas/Fort Worth
  • 1x Las Vegas.

Of the four, American was only awarded 1x Dallas/Fort Worth & Los Angeles slots.

DFW-HND will be operated with a 777-300ER
LAX-HND will be operated with a 787-9.

In total, American will operate:

  • 1x Daily DFW-NRT
  • 1x Daily DFW-HND
  • 2x Daily LAX-HND

American will end its Chicago to Tokyo Narita flight

  • This means American has ended ALL of its Chicago to Asia flights, after ending ORD-PVG/PEK in 2018. It’s highly likely joint venture partner Japan Airlines will pick up this frequency.

This is a slight capacity decrease to Tokyo, as American goes from 31 weekly flights to 28.

It’s nice to see this consolidation to Haneda as it’s closer to Tokyo’s CBD, and the 777-300ER on Dallas/Fort Worth to Tokyo is a great upgrade. It’ll be interesting to see what Japan Airlines does with its awarded slots.


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