American airlines Ryanair the landing

it’s in Celsius.

Lets just make this a rule. We can no longer use Ryanair as an adjective to describe a landing.


Guys, I really don’t think we need to be playing “Detective” here. It just so happened the landings were hard. There isn’t really much to it. Sometimes regardless of the conditions the pilot puts the plane down a little firm. I’m pretty sure everyone here in IF has butchered a landing in perfect conditions :D.


👍🏻, I mean maby the runway was wet, or who knows what, and as others mentioned, the 737 is a bit of a hard lander. Otherwise, eaven greatly trained pilots still have some margin of error, mistakes happen, and I definitely wouldn’t judge a whole airline on 1-2 landings…

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Ryanair the landing? If you wanted a genuine proper explanation I would at least expect poper terminology from yourself. As for a hard landing pilots are human, not even landing will be smooth, just like when you may accidentally slam on the brakes on your car or do an aggressive gear change, this is something that you can do perfectly but there is that one time you aren’t as polished.


alright let’s use “me landing a few months ago.”

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No, all we have to say is just a bumpy landing.

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I could observe more times. But I know firm landing could be part of the operation, so I am wondering if this is on purpose.

Maby, but I think you need to accept that not every landing is perfect. Look at football players, they are the top of the top, get paid millions, but they still miss a fair few catches…


Not every landing is gonna be buttery smooth(most aren’t).
Besides, a ridiculously smooth landing wears the gears out more than a positive/firm landing.


err… don’t hard landing cause flat spots on tires?

It has to be like, really hard, a “firm” landing won’t do this, and it eliminates the risk of an over run or sliding off the runway.

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I’ve heard that " firm " landings actually are generally safer than those buttery, greasy landings everyone drools over. When you’re putting a ~170,000 pound flying machine down onto a runway, it’s probably not guaranteed to always be smooth.


That would have to be a very very VERY hard landing… (like seriously aircraft aren’t as fragile as you think)
A smooth landing causes the gears to take more time to spin up the aircraft’s speed, causing it to scrape/rub off on the runway. A positive/firm landing shortens the time the gear is scraping against the runway.


This is true, some stuff from the 737 manuals say pretty explicitly not to float it, but really doesn’t mention much negatives unless you like really slam that thing…


737s are pretty notorious for not being the easiest aircraft to land. So I can’t blame pilots at all for having hard landings in those.

Moral of the story is, don’t feel bad about your hard landings in IF!


I think the pilots could flare a bit more cause the plane was bouncing on the runway. That’s my guess, but I am not 737 type rated.

There’s another issue with the 737. They’re somehow really easy to drag the tail while flaring or on the takeoff roll.


Well if you actually bounced you should have told us that sooner, because if you hit so hard that you bounced then it was definitely a bad one on the pilots part unless weather was rather unfavorable…