American Airlines requests for Access to KiltMcHaggis Share Site

Recently I have had several requests for an old link to my site. I have been replacing the old kml files for airlines with links to new Google Maps views of the same information

The Airline which I keep having requested is the American Airlines link. The old AAL file has been retired. The top level link you may be interested are as follows:

IF Library:

Map of ALL Airlines:

Map for American Airlines:

If you want any other airline missing in this list please PM me.



Great! I’m loving this!

I’ve always admired looking at your map presentations. Great work. Maybe you can add to your map database the famous Singapore, Malaysian, Japan, Swiss airlines…

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Here you go
Singapore Airlines:
Malaysian Airlines:
Swiss International Air Lines:
All Nippon Airways:
Japan Airlines:

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Wait… The real American Airlines asked for access to the site!!!

No sir the AAL VA. They must be getting it ready for re-introduction. I would join them if I could using my AAdvantage Gold Membership card :)


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