American Airlines & Qatar Airways Restart Partnership + American's Exploring Doha Flights

Lmao. This is hilarious. First American reverses the cuts on their Alaska partnership, now they’re restarting a partnership with Qatar Airways.


American Airlines has decided to restart its codeshare partnership with Qatar Airways. The airline previously cut the partnership due to the unfair advantages the ME3 (Emirates, Etihad, Qatar) had over the US3 (American, Delta, United).

Pending government approvals, American will place its code on select Qatar Airways nonstop and connecting services to and from the U.S. and Qatar Airways’ hub in Doha, allowing American’s customers to access new destinations in the Middle East, East Africa, South Asia and South East Asia that are not currently served by American. Qatar Airways will place its code on select flights beyond American’s hubs in Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), Chicago (ORD), New York (JFK), Philadelphia (PHL), Miami (MIA) and Los Angeles (LAX), as well as on American’s international flights to and from Europe, the Caribbean, Central America and South America.

But, the most notable thing in this announcement:

In addition to American exploring the addition of service from the United States to Doha, both airlines will discuss new ways to further their partnership through expanded commercial cooperation that will enable long-haul growth for both airlines.

Seattle to Doha on American Airlines incoming? 🤔

Anyways, congrats to American and Qatar. Hopefully this is the start of repairing the damage from that previous airline war.


I don’t know what I should think of this.

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Wow! American in Doha? Nice to see new airlines coming to new destinations!

Though what doesn’t make sense to me is the fact that QR had big issues with American in the past, which is why they nearly left Oneworld. Interesting seeing them rebuild their partnerships…


Why does CLT always get overlooked? 😡


Incoming United + Etihad and Delta + Emirates partnership

Don’t worry, once AA gets some more gates and the XLR’s come around, there should be a massive international expansion.



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A really long shot but if this partnership goes through we might see some Qatar flights or American flights to DOH . Probably not going to happen but it might!

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Ay LMAO these companies talk so much trash about the gulf carriers and now they are running to them for partnerships.



Well… sorry to say, but apparently Charlotte isn’t happening. (for now)

Regarding the Doha flight, Raja said the originating city could be any one of a number of cities that include American hubs and Seattle. He said Charlotte is not a candidate, but will get more widebody international service “with some future development” that involves relieving congestion on the tarmac, where too few gates can accommodate widebody aircraft.

On the what?


hmm. american’s trying alot of partnerships right now. Wonder if Delta or United will partner with Etihad or Emirates… Probably not just because of one new partnership though.

DCA-DOH? lol

Much too few of these gates at DCA. In fact, there are 0 🤔

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Breaking news: American Airlines purchases a 737BBJ

Well… that’s what he said.

And nearly three months later, Qatar Airways announces the codeshare launch.

These will be the initial codeshare routes before expanding to more domestic and eventually international routes:

Qatar Airways operated by American Airlines
Chicago O’Hare – Atlanta
Chicago O’Hare – Boston
Chicago O’Hare – Miami
Chicago O’Hare – New York JFK
Chicago O’Hare – Philadelphia
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Houston
Dallas/Ft. Worth – Los Angeles

Notably, despite COVID-19, the two airlines are still exploring opportunities for American to launch its own flights to Doha.

Both airlines will also continue exploring the opportunity for American Airlines to operate flights between the U.S. and Qatar, along with a number of joint commercial and operational initiatives to further strengthen this renewed partnership.

Full Press Release:


Are there any rumored routes that American might get from Qatar?

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The interview with AA’s VP said it could be any of AA’s hubs (except Charlotte and of course DCA) including Seattle.

Qatar Airways already serves all of AA’s hubs (except CLT/DCA) so Seattle would likely make sense unless AA plans to add capacity or complement on an existing route


Like a Philly to Doha flight could be flown by American? Probably not the capacity for that with Qatar already flying it though


I’m not entirely sure how it’ll work, but if that were to happen Qatar could drop its PHL flight so AA launches it, but they don’t have an antitrust immunity joint venture, so I don’t think they could fully coordinate it.

Though I think Qatar plans to resume PHL with the 777-300ER instead of the A350-900? Pretty solid increase in capacity.

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Hmm I didn’t know they were going to use the 77W on it when the flights resume, they used it before the A350 got delivered, and I think load factors have been in the Mid 80s percentage wise, but I’m not sure how well that’s going to recover