American Airlines Plus Covid-19

Are you flying during the Covid-19 pandemic and worried about whether your flight and plane will be clean or not? Look no further as I explain what goes on with AA procedures and there Covid-19 cleaning protocols.

Every night the planes are cleaned from bottom to top. As an AA aircraft cleaner we don’t leave anything untouched. We clean all the high touch areas that include lavatories, galleys as well as the overhead controls, tray Tables, IFE, the seat itself along with the seat belt buckle! We use a spray that’s a picture of water and high power sanitizer so rest assured the next flight you have with AA will be germ free and spotless!

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Is this an ad? I understand that people want to know how planes are cleaned for COVID, but I though this available on their website?

Please correct me if I’m wrong :)

No this is not an ad. This is coming from me, my job and what I know bringing factual information to the table. I do this everyday for work so thought I’d share how planes are cleaned and sanitized everyday just in case anyone had worries about flying


Ok thanks for the clarification!

It’s what I do for work… I get paid to do it. Trying to ease people minds about flying

Sorry! when I posted the first question I didn’t know you work cleaning American Planes. I hope you like your job and I love that your easing people in to do their favorite thing, Flying!

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Actually work for a service provider that’s does the AA cleaning. I love my job wouldn’t want to do anything else

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First of all thanks for the insights @N1DG!

If I may ask: How is cleaning done during the day (in normal times (at least here in Europe) it’s always a high chance of little cleaning during short turnarounds)?

We do everything. We have 15 minutes to wipe down seats, get trash and wipe down tray tables and windows on turns

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Glad to hear that y’all are going above and beyond with cleaning, especially in the age of the pandemic. I know I probably won’t be flying commercial anytime soon (with high-risk family members and medical professionals within), but certainly reassures me that the aviation industry is safe.

Just one question, how do you guys clean the other areas in the aircraft, such as the cockpit?

That’s pretty generous timing :)

How many persons are in one team if I may ask?

We clean the cockpit at night. Not during the turns

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Usually 6 but sometimes we have 5-7 people

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Interesting, thanks!

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This is very good, even under normal circumstances planes should be cleaned to this extent. Passengers bring so so many unpredictable germs when you’ve got people coming from all over.

They usually are. But there usually sprayed down w a soap/water picture that is less powerful.

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Im flying Southwest in a few weeks so hopefully they clean just as good as yall!!

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You work for AA?

@PilotChrisSG it’s a service provider

Negative. Third party service provider