American Airlines (Piedmont Airlines) Dash 8 Q300

American Airlines Q300 Feature request

The Q300 was created in the 1980s by Bombardier, and it is a larger version of the Q100 or Q200.
Crew: 2.
Passengers: Up to 56.
Maiden Flight: 1983.
Introduced: 1998.
Retired: 2017.
Engines: PW123.
American Airlines operates the Q300 through Piedmont airlines.
About American Airlines:
This is a duplicate, but the old ones were about a year old.
Why do we need this?
I think it just is a beautiful aircraft, and we need more props in IF.

American Airlines Dash 8-100 (Piedmont Airlines Retro Livery) please ask a mod to close the old one.

In pm or the in the old topic?

PM one of them please.


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Nice little format of this topic! I’d like to see this if the Q300 is ever added…

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It looks the same as the American Eagle Livery… i don’t see anything new here…

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As a massive fan of these amazing dash q 300s, this definitely gets my vote. This was honestly the first thing I thought of in July when I first joined. Fingers crossed this actually happens :)