American Airlines | PHX-SEA | Airbus A321

Hey IFC!
I live in Montana but I am currently in Colorado. I regularly fly to Colorado because it’s a 13 hour drive but with the pandemic and all my family didn’t think it was the best idea, so we drove. I have NEVER missed real flying more than right now. I longingly look out the window and see all these departing planes from DEN and I get all sad because it’s been so long since I have flown IRL😫 so this flight kind of helped in the pain.
Server: Expert

Callsign: American 578
The photos are ready!
Successful takeoff from Phoenix

Climbing into the sky

Flying past the mighty Grand Canyon


Descending over the Cascades

Ooh yeah

Final 16R

Approaching minimums

Safe landing in Seattle! Taxing to the gate with a DLA350 and some awesome scenery in the background

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Nice photos! And great airline choice too! Lol

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Sunsets are always beautiful in IF, especially when mountains are involved. Awesome pictures!

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Sitting here showing someone some screenshots bragging about IF then boom these just locked in my bragging rights! Really nice pics

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Beautiful pics, my friend! Phoenix Sky Harbor is one of my favorite airports to fly to/from. Happy flying and stay safe!

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Brilliant pictures @Jack_Q!


3rd picture is the best by far.


What an absolutely insane scenery! Great pictures of the really great A321 as well. Thanks for sharing!


Can’t go wrong with the scenery here! Lovely shots Jack!

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