American Airlines (old livery) B737-800

Can we have the old American Airlines Boeing 737-800

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  • Yes for the old american b737-800
  • No for the old american b737-800

American must have the shiny-est liverys ever…

Is this a request? I don’t see the point of this post otherwise.

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This is a very classic livery!

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Done, I changed it :p

@Knarjae_Warner if you are requesting a livery or feature, it belongs to #features

Please follow the forum rule : )

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I wonder why no one requested it. It’s a really good livery.

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I wish we had it In infinite Flight and Thank You


Basic users can’t post in features :-)

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Ohhhhh, really ?

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Shiny Bi Holer. (Sorry AR)

We need this back

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