American Airlines Old A321 with oAAsis

Flew in Economy Class for these two flights. Went from KONT-KPHX, then KPHX-KATL. Honestly Economy Class isn’t that bad on American’s new oAAsis configuration despite some bad ratings and controversy. Obviously IFEs built into the back of the seat would be nice but it wasn’t that bad using a personal device. Legroom in Main Cabin is restricting though if a bag is under the seat in front. At the end of course I had to ask to the see the flight deck of the A321 N187US. Older A321 (No sharklets) with a digital standby instrument, but it was nice. Got some other tarmac shots too


Project Oasis was great for all the ex-US Airways A321s that sorely needed an update but was a curse for the entire 737/A32S fleet. Either way I don’t mind it, and actually find it somewhat more convenient given I can access both the offered entertainment and my own on the same device. The greatest drawback is what device you’re using.

Nice review!

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