American Airlines' New Safety Video

American Airlines has a new safety video, but it was never released.

It was actually uploaded three months ago to Vimeo, but it was just deleted as a bunch of people discovered it. Obviously this wasn’t supposed to be revealed to the public yet.

Old Safety Video:

New Safety Video Clip:

At the end of the safety video, American Airlines displays its possible new slogan, but this doesn’t seem to be finalized.

I’m pretty sure the American Airlines management found out about the leak after this:



I saw the full safety video last night when it was found, and it’s honestly pretty nice. There are some awkward moments where the flight attendants are just smiling at the camera for a few seconds.

A highlight of the safety video is they actually use a real American 787 to display the exit locations instead of using a drawing/model.

Based off of this 18 second clip, what are your initial thoughts?


Doesn’t matter because no one is flying anyways :(

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Honestly, I could never stand the old one. Now we just have to wait for life to return to normal

Lol yeah they tried too hard to be modern and it was just creepy.

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The music was terrible too


Meanwhile did anyone else forget how OG the safety video was for Virgin America?

I mean common…


The new safety video’s music is a lot better imo. More orchestral and inspirational


Based off the clip, I hope it will be better than the last. But nothing tops this one:


Interesting find. I like the current one but that is just me

Does the new video have

First things first, let’s buckle those belts

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What in the world did I just watch? Imagine this being the first experience you have on a plane 😆

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I think the new one is pretty good. the old one was bad. 🤷🏼‍♂️ I doubt they will change it.

The new safety video looks interesting. I always found the old one a bit wired.

I know it’s awesome😂

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