American Airlines New Premium Economy

On their instagram and Snapchat, American Airlines reveiled their new economy class, the pictures shown are of 787. This IMO looks like business class and looks really amazing. Amenity kits and noise cancelling headphones, what more could one ask in economy class? Might i add, real plates and noticibly wider seats.

More info the new premium economy class!
Virtual Tour of Premium Economy Cabin on 787


Definitely want to try that.


I am as a matter of fact sir.

Not a bad deal

I wonder how long it will take to implement as American Carriers are some of the worst for retrofitting new interiors onto older planes

True, the only other carrier that does this instead of business is Norwegian Air with their 787. Except they call it “premium class”.

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Well AA is going to be stuck with many different lie-flat seats for a while. A321 T first class, then A321T business and 757 will get that seat but without TVs, 767 business, 777-300ER business, A330 business, 777-200ER/787-8 seat, 777-200ER/787-9/A350 seat, whew.


I wish they’d just call it business class, and they probably will on domestic flights. Looks like Saver awards are about to get a lot crappier.

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It’s not really business class, though, it’s just premium economy, same as the Norwegian layout. Just bigger seats without the business class benefits. Lets just say it is its own class :D

The product is very reminiscent of First class of old. Big fat recliners 2x2 on a 752 or 2x2x2 on a 763. Perhaps even 2x3x2 on 772/77W.

Same as Singapore airlines

Premium economy on a 777 is 2-4-2, so it would still be narrower.

Very nice American

Yeah it would just be the same as most layouts on the A330

Oh damn delta wanna compete now, yeshhhhhh. I have to admit that the American premium economy is looking nice

Looks nice! I have never had the pleasure to fly on American, but I would like to.

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