American Airlines New Policy Sparks Outrage


Apparently, American Airlines has a new policy that the flight attendants aren’t too happy about. American has roughly 27,000+ flight attendants, and some have considered quiting their jobs.


My opinion:

I’m going to fly American on the 20th so I hope there is no mood change in the flight attendants than when I flew with them last month. I would like to know your opinion on this too.

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It keeps the FAs accountable. This really is a load of union bull. But on the other hand, this is going to backfire right into AAs faces.


But I just hope that there’s a way to do that without the FAs getting less vacation time.

While there are some things out there, like the calling in sick. Seems maby a little non preferable. But I see why they would need any FAs they can get. But at the same time some stuff like not being late, makes 100% sense. Arguably my only “job” has been teaching swim lessons, but my coach would not be happy if I was consistently late. I would probably get fired honestly. And I would expect many jobs have simlar standards…


This is kind of clickbait, I have to click on the article in order to see what the policy is.


I agree, and then eaven the article has opinions before the actual points in the policy wich us anoying and proves what I think that opinions are more important than facts these days…

You know, they were hired to work for AA and receive scheduled time off not take time off when they want to. So I am on AA’s side on this one. What’s so bad about being held accountable to work the set amount of hours you were told before you started


But what stops someone calling in sick every 4th of July knowing that the punishment won’t be bad at all? This almost invites employees to pull stuff like this.

I agree. When sighn up you agree to be there. Especially since FA and pilots have ratger open schedules. Offen once you get some experience you have a say in it wich means you shouldnt need to take many days off…

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Before there was little to nothing for that, now if you do that 4 times your out…

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Every company has a set amount of sick days an employee can take that are paid. And once they use that amount, the days they call off are not payed

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Remember that it is a 1 year period… they could pull this once a year.

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Of course but I did read that another thing this will help to prevent is employees calling in sick due to undesirable routes.

I mean thats true, but it is still nore than before…

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The real issue is that it leaves very little room for a FA who gets the flu or other illness over multiple days they are scheduled for. That is the big issue here that I think a lot of you are missing. Imagine you get sick and accumulate 4 points than have a death in the family. There is another 4 points if you have to take two days off. What the FAs seem to be peeved about is the lack of real world understanding that there are such things as sick days, family emergencies, etc. What the article doesnt also mention is how many points you receive for one thing. so those 2 personal days for illness may very well be 2-4 points in itself.

Finally, as someone with a real world job me and my colleagues really would not want to work for a company that really shows they dont care about their employees all that much through work policy. In this case that is why there are FAs probably thinking about quitting.


So, I can understand AA’s reasoning behind this, and I also understand FA’s outrage… however, what if a FA gets a very serious sickness during the times they aren’t allowed a sick day? They can’t exactly get on a plane if they’re hospitalized. And then they’ll get fired if they are sick for too long?

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This is an interesting policy, yet I understand both employer and employees frustration on limiting/having sick days

I know people who have been sick for a week, so I’m not sure how understanding the airline is when it comes to illness.

I hope your not making us click the article just sonyouvcan get the link badge

When you’ve worked in the industry then you can begin to understand the reasoning behind this sort of policy.

In my working area we seem to have a problem with attendance on certain days, Wimbledon finals day springs to mind. ;)

This system just gives the employer reasonable oversight in the event that someone takes the pi$$ so much that they are dismissed and then attempts to take the company to tribunal for unfair dismissal.

This won’t affect 99.9% of the hard working, conscientious staff but will put the wind up the 0.1% that don’t care about dropping their work onto their colleagues.

AIMHO of course. ;)

Edited to add that in most companies Long Term Sickness is treated in a completely different manner under a different rule set. It wouldn’t be applicable here.

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