American Airlines New Livery Event 7:00 EST Tonight!

Or I can do it

I will join, assign me a gate please…

Can I join or am I late

Can I get my gate number

Peter that guy called Cole is just a swindler not a event organizer,
The event was last night and the organizer was huband, he is planning to do a event this day,
but this men called cole is just copying and pasting huband posts

Right thank you for the warning

No problem mate…

@hubandspoke1 @Peter_Osioh @DonMulki i am so sorry my friend sent this to me and just told me to post it for him. i am so sorry i would never copy anything. I am very sorry and the event is cancelled. I will never listen to my friend again. I hope you can accept my apology.

because he said that he didn’t know how to get pictures on the post. I Am sorry for believeing him and for what he did to you @hubandspoke1

I am coming my call sign is delta 505

The flight plans . I am very sorry what harm my friend and I did. @hubandspoke1

my Friend meant no harm

he didn’t know how to get screenshots of any flight plans on a post

he didnt know how to get his screen shots onto a post @hubandspoke1

because he copied off your post. and wanted his to be like yours