American Airlines named 2017 airline of the year

Oh boy, I love how they source which magazine said so. There behind delta and united regardless.

It’s the biggest in the US, not the world and don’t even start telling how “good” they are. They still fly the old 767’s with no touchscreens. It should be less about how big the airline is and more about the quality, if you want quality fly Emirates or Etihad

Why do so many people have bad views of the airline, best seats in North America and the crew always seems friendly.

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Southwest has better seats than AA. When you merge with the former worst airline in the US (yes that was US Airways) you get what is AA now.

Southwest does not have better seats

Southwest Seats:

American Seats:

Southwest just looks yucky

AA is uncomfortably narrow. I’ve flow AA wide bodies and United wide bodies, AA Dreamliners are 10 abreast, while UA’s 20 inch wider 777 is 9 abreast. Their IFE is pretty bad too, movies aren’t on demand, start every 15 mins so you have to wait for them to start. Not good for a long haul.

American Airlines is the largest airline in the world


AA Dreamliners are 9 abreast. The 777 is 10, moves are free and they have a large selection. I flew an A319 domestic a few days ago and IFE was all free.

AA 787-8:

AA 787-9:

How can it be the best airline of 2017 if 2017 has only been here for 20 days? Like there’s still a lot of time to come and change. Who knows by the end of the year they may not exist

Indeed. Over 930 aircraft on their fleet with over 230 on order.

I’m glad they did it, certainly hard work has paid off for them, kudos to them, but the American fleet are going to grow so much within the next few years!

That’s just one magazine’s opinion.
In my opinion Alaska or Southwest Airlines.

Every airline thinks they are the best. Being on a list like this does not make me decide to fly with them or not.

I personally like AA because of their schedules with my destinations. Each person has a different reason why they fly with someone. Some people take too much offense when someone likes something they dont like. It is almost like religion, I don’t need you telling me why I should like one airline over another. lol.

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This is the biggest load of rubbish I’ve ever heard.

This does not seem right at all. This seems a little bias too

Yeah the U.S air merger was not a smooth thing eather so I think this is indeed incorrect and sounds bias

IFE is still free, but you can’t start them when you want. They start every 15 min, and you can join it then, or miss the beginning. And it must of been a 777, which I’ve flow in many times.

FYI it’s Air Transport World

Delta is better in my opinion why didn’t they get it and what happened to emirates

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