American Airlines (N171AN) Boeing 777-300ER. KDFW/DFW - KSEA/SEA. 3h 2m

April 19, 2021.

American Airlines (N171AN) Boeing 777-300ER.

Flight route: KDFW/DFW - KSEA/SEA.

Flight time: 3h 2m.

XP: 1,985.

Casual Server.

  1. KDFW/DFW.

  1. Take-off from 36R Runway, KDFW/DFW.

  1. Avon, Colorado.

  1. Green River, Wyoming.

  1. Stanley, Idaho.

  1. Yakima, Washington. Near top Mt. Rainier and side low height Mt. St. Helens.

  1. Carbonado, Washington. Behind the back Mt. Rainier.

  1. Landing on 34R Runway, KSEA/SEA. Des Moines Creek Park, Washington.

  1. Landing on 34R Runway, KSEA/SEA.

  1. S Concourse, KSEA/SEA.

Happy Flying, AJ Johnson!


Nice shots, although you were pretty close to Mount Rainier there 😅

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Yes, they did. Lol!

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