American Airlines | Miami - Havana |

Hello, this is my Caribbean vacation along the coast from Miami. So in this case, I will show you some amazing shots that I have taken during the busiest time in Miami airport. There were a lot of delayed instructions given by the ATC controller to which it seems so hectic. Finally, I made it to Cuba. Bienvenido, de Cuba

Flight Details
Airline: American Airlines
Flight Number: 1447
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Flight Time: 0hrs 55mins
Server: Expert
Departure Airport: 🇺🇸 Miami International Airport (KMIA)
Arrival Airport: 🇨🇺 Jose Marti International Airport (MUHA)


Parked at Gate E22 ready to pushback for departure from 🇺🇸 Miami Airport to Jose Marti Airport 🇨🇺

American Flight 1447 taxiing to RWY 8R with a Delta Boeing 767-300 (Right), American Boeing 777-200ER (Middle), and Omni Air International Boeing 777-200ER (Left) in the background.

Holding short on RWY 8R

Finally cleared for takeoff after 15 minutes of waiting on the tarmac

Banking left as you can see Miami Beach and the Virginia Keys towards the Caribbean

Starting Descent upon arrival to Havana Cuba

50… 40… 30… 20… 10… approach with 2 American Boeing 737-800s and one Boeing 777-200ER waiting on the behalf of preparation for takeoff

Parked at Gate 11 at Jose Mart Airport
Bienvenido de Habana Cuba 🇨🇺

Thank you for enjoying my screenshots


Nice - emojis don’t work in the title :)

Nice pictures! Why were you lined up for 15 minutes?

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I wasn’t lined up for 15 minutes. I was holding short for 15 minutes due to the fact that Miami Airport ATC was busy

Ah, read it wrong :)

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No worries, but I hope you enjoyed my screenshot

Indeed! Very nice!

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No no please spare us!

Nice photos @Udeme_Ekpo

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Was I your Havana controller by chance? (Just curious).

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Yeah, you must have been my controller this morning

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Do I see…Air force one at Havana… *music intensifies

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Nice Shots!

Great shots, hope to see more in the future!

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