American Airlines | MIA-SXM | Boeing 737-800ER

Hey IFC!
Man, I had no idea this route is such a popular route to fly in IF, I had five other AA aircraft flying the same route with me.

Server: Expert

Callsign: American 1136

Route: Miami KMIA - Sint Maarten Princess Julia TNCM 

Feast your eyes
Our ride

Climbing high

Ooh! Is this coral?

Reached cruise

Pretty colors

Flying past San Juan

Figuring out my place in line

Descending into SXM

Final 10

Safe landing in SXM!

I hope y’all enjoyed!

Nice shots!

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Hey I saw you on this flight, very nice photos as always!

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Some very cool pictures! And yes, Saint Marten is always a popular one if the area is featured :) Thanks for sharing!

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Ooh Man, I love it when you fly that route because it’s Caribbean Time

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The 6th pic is the best in my opinion. Even though the clouds in the photo imagery doesnt look to good at all it is still a good pic

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