American Airlines MD-80


Let’s get it in IF before they retire it in 2017


Looks good

The MD-80 is awesome! Definitely needs to be added in IF. My flight instructor has 18,000 hours logged in the Maddog.

  • I love it! It should be in IF!
  • It’s fine
  • No, it’s too old. It shouldn’t be in IF

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We kinda do have this plane already in form of the 717.

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I know it is old but I love flying on the MD80. Comfortable ride and quiet (sitting in the front). Some of the smoothest landings I have been in have been in the MD-80.


It’s kind of the same thing with the 747. We have the 747-200 and the 747-400. They’re both generally the same thing, but both are ultimately different aircraft that have separate characteristics. The same can be said with the MD-80 and the Boeing 717 (MD-95)


The 717 is not as good!

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No as said in another post it’s a retired livery and in IF we need to look ahead

No it’s not. That’s the livery for md80s since they are going to start phasing them out this year and have none by 2017


Not thread lol

Looks nice!

Correct, they will not be repainting the MD 80.

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I favor the MD-90 over the -80 but I support this!❤️

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I love this!!!

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B e a u t i f u l


Really nice common plane. Should be added😄

I like it:-) Very nice!

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