American Airlines MD-11


You do realize this would be our first aircraft with spilt winglets right? ;)


A beautiful shiny tri-holer.


It’s nice but…not sure it’ll happen. The developers are more focused on newer aircraft right now.

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Someday buddy

As well as all this, I doubt they’d add American’s old livery

Why wouldn’t they? AAL doesn’t have the MD-11 in the new livery.


What a beautiful airplane, I remember when AA had these planes.

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I wish it would be put into the game tomorrow 😁

Love it, it will be a good addiction :)

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Looks pretty

Looks amazing

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Bump, very important with the new poll

The time has come buddy.

This is what I want the most in IF. Absolutely needed.

My gosh…I just realized this.

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and thats why they did a poll to know which plane was next for the sim and the DC-10/MD-11 won :’)

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I hope they add this livery sadly I’m out of votes

You can always revoke your votes from another feature you may have voted on.

Yea I know but they are important to me

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