American Airlines MD-11. MIA - TGU/MHTG - MIA

American Airlines MD-11.

Flight time: Took 3 hours 43 minutes.
Flight route: Miami - TGU/MHTG - Miami.

Casual Server.

Central Terminal, MIA Airport. Next 27 Runway Takeoff.

Miami, Florida. AA MD-11 is climb.


Caribbean Sea.

Toncontin Int’l Airport (TGU/MHTG).

Distrito Central, Honduras.

Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

Miami, Florida. Close Landing at 9 Runway.

Central Terminal, MIA Airport.

Central Terminal, MIA Airport.

American Airlines “Retro” McDonnell Douglas MD-11 is home base at Miami Airport.


Don’t just gloss over this… how in the world did you land an MD11 at Toncontin??? I need an explaination lol


Depends if they did it realistic or not


They didn’t show the landing… 🤔

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Exactly. An MD11 lands at 160 knots (at least) and you managed to cut through the mountains at that speed? Last time I had trouble landing a heavy 737-900ER at 150 knots and with a crosswind.

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So actually there are only TWO types of mainline jet aircraft (excluding regional) that works perfectly at MHTG:

A320 family


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Yes, my game for MD-11 were landing at 2. It lows between 200 to 180 mph in close hill down the landing.

Mind you, an aircraft spinning off the end of the runway, breaking through the boundary fence and stopping on the highway IS very realistic for that airport I believe!

Well there’s your explanation 😉

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@mcgregni that’s a good.

Why y’all gotta harass him? It was on the casual server, nobody else was hurt, let the man vibe


Yes, that’s connected. Normal I am to continue for Causal Server only simulation game and I neither Server: Training or Expert and no ATC. I was hard also problem says no sentence in this game and I am deaf only and I can’t hear. I have to game expect Casual Server was feeling free anytime.

Thank you for understanding.

@RTG113 Thank you, yes sir!