American Airlines MD-11 livery error

Device: iPhone 6

OS: iOS 11.2

Version of IF: 17.12.0 (DC-10/MD-11 update)

As you can see in the image above, the American MD-11 seems to be missing a large portion of the blue stripe on the right side of the aircraft.


What are your graphics settings at? Does it reappear with different stages of sunlight or on the ground?

Yeah it’s graphics I’m sure

All maximum, actually.

Can you rotate the camera a bit and see if it changes?

Reinstall app may be its bug


Thought I’d add that it’s only on one side of the aircraft.

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Are you able to take a quick screenshot of this aircraft?

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Sure!Coming up…

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Can you circle the places with issues?

American MD11 if youre lazy to google

Switched out the photo at the top of the thread

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I guess that settles it. It’s a livery error.

See if a reinstall helps and report back. One other thing do you have Anti-Aliasing switched on as well?

Anti-aliasing is definitely on, reinstalling the app now.

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After the reinstall, the issue is still there.

Same thing for me… if you look from right to left, you can clearly see the blue line stop at a certain point.

Thanks for the report all. Will notify the devs.


Aircraft updates are generally pushed without you having to completely update the app from the App Store. Aircraft updates would just require a “re-download” of the aircraft.

Not big. But rather a minor one.