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Hello and welcome to one of many series, my Review series. Today I’ll be telling you about my experience on American Airlines’ Main Cabin Extra on their Airbus A321-200 From Bridgetown to Miami.

The flight was very early, leaving at 6AM. Once we got to the Check-in, it was quite the line. I believe Check in had been opened at around 3:30 and we had not even left the house by that time. Security was fine and once we got there–We saw it. Our Airbus A321 that is now 4 or 5 years old. Our flight number was AAL2725.

Boarding was very fast and straight to the point. I sat in my seat, 14A. We had originally planned to get business tickets but this failed because it was full. My engine + wing view was amazing. The legroom was shockingly good as well. Pushback, taxi and takeoff were all normal. Kudos to GAIA’s ground crew.

The engine did not have that loud of a roar, either, so that was disappointing. Once we reached cruise, I checked the menu and they had food in it. Not sure if it was warm though. I didn’t want a full meal since I would save it for the next morning. I wanted to have their mini-pretzels but they didn’t have any. I went with their DELICIOUS Biscoff cookies with orange juice because it tastes good. I made up for the pretzels with a muffin and some chips.

The cabin was configured in a 3-3 configuration and in business it was 2-2. The entertainment system was great for somebody who doesn’t watch movies so often. There was Wi-Fi, but I didn’t need it for a 3 hour flight with IFE. I re-watched bumblebee cause why not.

Landing came around and oh boy was it an busy airspace. A Boeing 737-200 or 300 passed by us over the Bahamas. I took a picture of the contrails that it left behind.

During decent it was a bit foggy but not like you couldn’t see anything. I was sure also that I had saw a Lufthansa A380 or 747 on approach. Pretty sure it was an A380 though since they still sent those to Miami at the time. On final you had your usual, crying baby (no offense) and the smoothest touchdown in the world. It took an agonizing time to deplane and along the way out of the plane I saw a Reno Air heritage 737-800.

Now, there will be a few types of criteria listed below with my remarks and score.


8.6 out of 10
No greeting though, but I would have given them a 10 if there was a greeting.

Food & Snacks

9.9 out of 10
Didn’t want food, but the snacks, however, were delicious.


10 out of 10.
Nothing needs to be said here.


0 out of 10
Everything was quick and steady.

Out of 30, American Airlines gets a 28.5 out of 30.

Thanks for reading!


Awesome review! Makes me want to travel again



wow me being me

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Lmao it happens to the best of us!

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