American Airlines Livery for MD-80

Photo credit: Alex on Flickr

American Airlines used this polished aluminum livery with patriotic red, white and blue stripes from 1967 to 2013 along with the stylized eagle logo and was the only major US airline to leave most of its aircraft surfaces unpainted. Reportedly this was because they just didn’t want to paint their airplanes and they were able to save a tiny bit of fuel from not having paint on them. In any case, this is an iconic livery that deserves exposure in Infinite Flight. We can’t have them in real life anymore, but we can enjoy the Silver Birds in Infinite Flight!

AA rolled out a new livery and logo in 2013 as part of restructuring the airline and out of necessity as the Boeing 787s they would soon be receiving do not have an aluminum skin, instead made of composite materials which require painting.

Why should this be in IF?: It’s iconic, a classic, no longer in use. Plus, it seems to be increasingly common for airlines to either keep around or roll out a few “retro” livery aircraft. See link below for the aircraft.

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Yes! I would very much like to see AA’s MD-80 in IF

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I hope to see this in the future as the final flight for these are scheduled later this year. always on these birds from KMIA-JFK in real life this has since been replaced by the A321 sadly

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Thanks @Aviation2929 American MD-80 my fav airline on the aircraft!!

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