American Airlines | JFK-LHR | Boeing 777-200ER

Hey IFC.
Once again, I post another JFK-LHR topic. And another thing. So I have taken a year and a half worth of IF photos that weren’t as high quality as they could’ve been, as I thought that when you take an IF screenshot in automatically uses high rendering settings in the picture, but that isn’t true, and so I have been using medium quality pictures in my posts ever since the category was invented. I apologize for this and I am angry at myself for posting lower quality photos than I could’ve been using.
Server: Expert

Callsign: American 106 Heavy
The photos are ready! (Oh and these were taken on high rendering settings so be prepared)
Heavy takeoff from JFK

Climbing out of the city

Beautiful sunset

A higher quality plane than any of the ones used in my past posts

Sleepy time

Morning over Ireland

Buttery landing in London heathrow


I hope y’all enjoyed!
Let me know what you think of the new pics.


Really outstanding photos Jack!

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Beautiful Pictures.

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Woah, do y’all see the problem in the last photo? There’s a diagonal cut through it. Look at the one world

Yea I see that.

Man, lots of people use my title format, I wonder what it is that people like about it.

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