American Airlines is Moving!

![American Expands Premium Economy Class To Select 777-200ER Routes ...](upload://r4zYZjfAQJRCrAdakSNZlHpKP57.jpeg)

Yes they are moving!

American Airlines will be moving to terminal 5 at Heathrow. As many of you know this Terminal is the main terminal for British Airways at Heathrow. As you know the checking gates will be moving, they are moving to Zone C. The airlines co-locating will make things a lot easier for connecting flights between the two airlines. As a person who flies first class every once and a while it will be great to check out the BA lounge. This is just great has terminal 3 is not the best at Heathrow.

Anyway, thanks for reading this is my first time posting in this category. Let me know how I can improve.

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This is awesome news for people connecting through Heathrow on the two airlines. I might fly through there someday.

Could you please link the news article you found it on? I’d like to read more about it.

Ah, there we go. Instantly lol.

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Yeah I was working on the edit as soon as you posted.

Looks like American Airlines flys to BWI Airport, Orlando International Airport, Pittsburgh International Airport, London Heathrow International Airport, and Princess Juliana Airport. How did you all know about American Airlines moving into Terminal 5 at Heathrow that’s interesting, I like American Airlines

Can you find a place to vote for the Embraer E-145! I just voted for it a while ago.

No, I didn’t vote for Alaska Airlines Spirit of the Islands One. I’m not at TL3 yet Sincerely, Jake.

I was just scrolling my google feed on my Samsung Note 8 and the article was suggest and I thought, the community would love to hear about this.

Oh, this is gonna be interesting. All the changes we will see after spiel enforcement is over and we leave the storm.

Yes lots of change is coming, in the airline industry.

Oh wow, that is good news :)


Is American Airlines not going to Los Angeles anymore

I believe they will still be flying to LA.

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Where is LA.

LA is Los Angeles

American Airlines will continue to fly from Los Angeles to London Heathrow, but the route is currently suspended. I think it’ll resume some time this winter.

T5 to T2 isn’t that hard a journey, I’ve done it.

Aw great. Right when I didn’t need anything else to happen. Flippin American 🤦‍♂️

For those of you curious, I have a school trip to London and Paris that was cancelled and rescheduled as a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic. We were (and still are) scheduled to fly into Heathrow, on AA. I really didn’t need this to be any more confusing than it was supposed to be. The last time I was at Heathrow, was 14 1/2 years ago, so ofc Heathrow has expanded. We have quite the trip planned, and any delay could throw things off.

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Hmmm…that is interesting…

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If I’m not correct Iberia also fly out of terminal 5?

Yes Iberia does use Terminal 5 (T5) as well.

How many terminals does London Heathrow Airport have

I believe there are a total of 4 Terminals.

Which airlines fly to London Heathrow