American Airlines Is Looking At New Long-Haul Business Class Seats

According to @xJonNYC, in the past few weeks or so, American Airlines fliers were given an e-mail to test new seats that will be implemented in American’s fleet in the future. It has now been revealed which seats are being tested.

1. Adient Ascent by Adient Aerospace

The Adient Ascent is a brand-new business class seat which has so far only received one order by Hawaiian Airlines for their upcoming 787-9 Dreamliners.

The Adient Ascent seat featured a lie-flat bed, enclosing doors, and direct-aisle access for all passengers.

This seat can uniquely be configured into different setups and can even convert the center seats into double beds.



2. British Airways’ Club Suite

American Airlines is also looking at a similar seat to British Airways’ Club Suite. The Club Suite utilizes the Collins Aerospace Super Diamond seat with enclosing doors. American Airlines already features the basic Super Diamond seat without doors on all 787-9s and select 777-200s so this would not be a huge change.

In comparison, this is American’s current 787-9 Business Class seat:

Video Summation With Adient Ascent Animation:

American expects to debut the new Business Class seat on their upcoming 25 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners set to be delivered from 2023. It’s likely they’ll roll the new Business Class seat onto the rest of its fleet.

Images of Adient Ascent by Adient Aerospace
Image of BA Club Suite by British Airways
Image of current AA 787-9 Business Class seat:

While these may not be the final Business Class seats American decides on, it’s nice to see they’re already investing in a new Business Class product. Honestly, anything with enclosing doors would be a cool option to fly in.


Although American isn’t my favorite airline, it’s cool to see airlines invest into new products. That first one looks roomy with a much of amenities.

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Bwahaha, I thought they were looking at replacing the “Oasis”. Forget about the current long-haul product, focus on the domestic offering! Its literally the worst business class seat I’ve sat in, probably ever.
And, don’t forget that Delta announced they were upgrading the first/biz class on the new A321neo recently, as per typical American is following suit.


Lmao, fixed the title.

I agree regarding the Oasis first class. At this point I think Spirit’s new “Big Front Seat” might be more comfortable.

Considering Delta’s already introduced the Delta One Suite with doors, American is following them once again.

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These look like FIRST class seats, wow! It is nice to see an upgrade this good from AA.

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Now if only they would upgrade their cramped Econo class…

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They’re actually rumored to be looking into new Economy and Flagship First seats, but that’s unconfirmed.

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I dunno… i flew business a year or so ago and it beat the pants off BA… was great!

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