American Airlines introduces "Basic Economy"

American Airlines has just unveiled its “Basic Economy” today. The fare will go on sale on the 10th of February with the first flights following soon after.

Some of the main points are

  • Price: It will be the lowest price available
  • Seat Aisgnment: It will be randomly assigned.
  • Personal Bags: 1 personal bag, it must fit under the seat.
  • Checked bag: Standard checked bag with fee and if checked in at gate is $25
  • Boarding: Last boarding group

More info

This is different tot the main cabin economy with AA. Here is more information with their press release.

(Photo @ORDSpotter)

What do people think?


I think this is a great idea overall, especially for people who are on short work trips or are frequent flyers that don’t carry much.


I’m not sure how many people would do that.
Also considering that many Americans hate flying because it’s so “inconvenient” and they hate the fact that there are so many add on fees. Not sure how accurate my assumption of non avgeek American experiences

What’s the next fare not gonna include? Toilet access?


How though, so there saying they would prefer a 15 hour car trip over a 2 hour flight?

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By law, that will never happen.

yes I’m aware you were more than likely being sarcastic. This is for the people that are a little bit slow in picking up sarcasm.

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How many economys can you have other than that pretty cool idea

My opinion: 3

A basic economy, just like they unveiled. A mid-grade, or standard, economy, which is what was the lowest option before they unveiled basic. And premium economy, which I believe offers slightly more leg room and a slightly more cushioned seat with American Airlines.

No. But you go to YouTube and you find a lot of complaints by americans

How does this compare with RyanAir and such like carriers?

I’m not going to lie, a lot of the American people who fly are spoiled and expect everything to go their way on the flight. Of course not all of them are, but a large amount.

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They just aren’t avgeeks

I don’t know but I’ve noticed whenever I fly in a different country people seem more positive, keep in mind I don’t have anything against American people, I was born in Miami but not raised there.

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I think this is very good. Same inflight service, seats, and you get much cheaper tickets. Only thing you can really complain about is random seating (not that big of a deal even in the middle seat) and possibly paying for extra bag fees.

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