American Airlines into TNCM

A flight to remember! A lovely departure over the beaches of Miami, to a sunset arrival in St Maarten. An unforgettable experience.

Aircraft: American Airlines 737-800

On final for runway 10 after a very fun approach!

About to make a very smooth landing, with traffic waiting for my arrival.

Reverse thrusters engaged as I slow down after a smooth touchdown.

Taxiing to the gate, passing a Delta 737-900 also from Miami.



Think I may have been the KLM 744

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Hey, that Delta jet is me! Nice capture brother.

@Will_A You straight BUTTERED that landing! Put me to shame 👀

image image


Nice pictures!

I’m going to safely assume that KLM 747 was off to Amsterdam. ;)

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Nice pictures!

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No I wasn’t 😂
I just wanted to do a takeoff with ATC and fly around VFR for a bit

Ah, okay.

I think KLM still does the Amsterdam route with their 747, that’s why I “safely assumed”. 😂

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Do they still fly to TNCM with there744?

No, they stopped sending the 744. Idk what they send now. I don’t even think KLM flies there anymore…🤔


Thanks! I was pretty proud of the landing myself.

Hey that’s me in the C208. Very nice photos 👍

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They send an a330 in now. I think it might stop on the way but I’m not sure.

They fly the A330 there now ew

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I know right😔. They should at least send a 787. Maybe a a350…😏 in the future

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Another smooth landing, what a way to taunt again lol. Great photos though, @Will_A, I like the first one the most.

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Hey I saw you there I was the KLM B747