American Airlines inaugural flight to India

Route - VIDP🇮🇳 to KJFK🇺🇸
Aircraft - Boeing 777-300ER
Callsign - American 293 Heavy
Server - Expert
Total Flight time (including taxi) - 16hrs 50mins

On Friday, November 12th, 2021 American Airlines restarted their nonstop flights from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) to Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) after almost 10years. American is currently using B777-300er on this ultra long haul route. The Airline was quite happy as the New York-Delhi inaugural route saw an impressive 92% load factor. I wanted to celebrate this new route by doing a return flight from DEL to JFK as American 293 on IF. Here are some screenshots from this beautiful 16 hr flight.

VIDP🇮🇳Terminal 3 Gate B24

🛫Taking off Runway 28

🔴🔵Thanks @sonickiller and 2 others for flying with me

🏔Flying over The Himalayas

🇺🇸The American Birds

🛬Touchdown at Runway 31R,JFK

Parked at KJFK🇺🇸Terminal 8 Gate 16


Wow! 😍🔥

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Thanks mate :)

Nice! Hopefully VIDP would get 3d buildings soon to make it more realistic but great shots anyway!


Man if only I’m grade 3, I would have come look for you and escort you in my F-18

My favorite 2 photos

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Thanks mate! and yes Delhi is india’s busiest airport so I would love to see DEL get 3d buildings as it would open more international routes to fly to/from India. People tend to fly from 3d airports more than the non 3d ones.


True I have only flown to 3D airport since 21.1 so having Delhi 3D would be nice


Thank you so much! Once you reach Grade 3 pm me and maybe we can plan a group flight :)

Sorry I don’t do IF :(

That takeoff picture is amazing!

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Thank you so much mate! :)


" uhh ladies and gentlemen dont be worried if our wing goes flying off in a fiery explosion and also dont worry but there are some jets following us so yeaaaaaaaa."

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