American Airlines IF is almost here!

Like alskan.

I am talking to administration on the issue at hand. Multiple VAs is not the issue. We support this actually.


Good luck from United Virtual!

Pilots and followers,

Our website is almost finished! We have all of the data uploaded to our new address and are fixing a few small issues with functionality. We are expecting these to be fixed and for everything to resume normal operations in about a week. Thanks again for your patience. If you would like to view the progress head over to but please do not log in or register as the website is NOT FULLY FUNCTIONAL. Thank you.

-American Airlines Virtual IF Administration

I mean, it’s a VA for Infinite Flight. That’s general.

Both Alaska VA’s are for the forum, very different.

Can I join

The reason I have added IF or Infinite Flight to our name is because there have been confusions in the past about whether our VA was for IF or FSX/X-Plane/P3D.

@Tajay, You may join when registrations are open, as of now they are not If you read the post above. Thank you.

Thank you for the information