American Airlines IF is almost here!

Concerned IFFG Community members,

We have recently checked the status of our account here on the forums and want to give you guys an update:

Our website was shut down in early July due to a hosting issue with JetShare LTD. JetShare had now ceased all operations and closed all services, including our website. They have also shut down our data, and we could not receive as a backup until now.
We are currently working very hard to get our website back to its former glory. Thank you very much for being patient and we thank you for the loyal members who have remained proud members of our VA. Stay tuned!

-Liam Boyer
CEO of American Airlines Virtual IF


There already is an AA VA …


I am 100% interested in becoming a pilot for you guys!

@PlanesForLife, we have been an official virtual airline under IFFG-VA since early 2014, and we have notified all admin regarding our absence in July. We only wish you understand that the VA you run is not an official IFFG VA. Thank you.

I’m so confused? This is for Infinite Flight Face Book (IFFG) or The Infinite Flight Community? (IFC)

@PlanesForLife, Our VA has been an official Infinite Flight Fan Group virtual airlines since 2014. We can only assume this valid title would also account for the forums as well.

I’m interested. I think it’s you guys I sent the form to

@SkyHighGuys, We are currently down, and our website does not have a form dependent registration system. You might be joining the wrong VA.

IFFG VA’s are separate from IFC VA’s.


Even then there’s still two Alaskan VA.

This forum falls under IFFG because IFFG is a direct division accepted and recognized by Infinite Flight.

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And Infinite Flight Community is the official forum for IF


I am not sure when another whole division was created but the VAs on IFFG were also the VAs that were advertised/ promoted on here. Take a look at @QantasVirtualAirways , which is a member of both your VA division and as well as IFFG, and also a long time partner of AAVIF. I’m only confused as to when this change was made…

There was a former American Airlines, run by @AmericanAirlines but it stopped. As the guy was banned doing inappropriate stuff, tormenting other users on Discord if I can recall.

Since that one is gone, I think you should be the New American Airlines.

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Since he’s gone, like forever.

You should be running the show from now on.

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@Mr_Jetstar @americanairlinesif

Hi there, let me introduce myself. I’m Oscar, the Current Head of Pilot Management at American Virtual;
yes, our staff are well aware that @americanairlines was banned, but our staff management team are sorting it out, we’ve already overcome this obstacle and are well on the way to recovery.

We are still around, making progress. ;)


Oscar, we were just talking about when the decision was made to create a new VA division under this forum. This American has always been the official IF VA and I am confused by all of these other vas.

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@americanairlinesif I’ll contact you regarding this matter in a PM, we can better discuss and come to a conclusion there. ;)

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There are IFFG Va’s and IFC Va’s


My god people! There can be more than 1 va of the same airline!!

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